Client – Primera Travel Group

Primera Travel Group is the largest privately owned travel company in hte Nordic region.
With offices covering all Nordic countries and an aircraft fleet of 8 Boeing 737’s we are a very important played in the travel market in the region.

What were you looking for?
We were looking for an easy operating facility with a diversity within the coffee range, at a fair price. 

How did Just Mokka help you?
Just Mokka was very innovative in building the right facility around the coffee brewer which has made the area around it a place to meet and relax.

What was the outcome – and how was your experience with Just Mokka?
It is absolutely true that service is the core value for Just Mokka. We just need to ask for hel p and they come running. Instant reaction to solve however tiny issue we have had.

I can only endorse Just Mokka by saying – bloody good concept!!!

Rene Schaufuss
Primera Travel Group