Just Mokka concepts


With the advantage of a big service department we can offer you the best service of the market.

Service and technical maintenance is done within working hours, that is between 8 AM and 4 PM. At the incident of technical failure we offer a response time of 24 hours and regular maintenance are usually done upon agreement with you. It is possible to establish a response time of down to 2 hours as well as weekend response time – at an extra cost.


We establish agreements of operation with the customers that should be interpreted as follows; Just Mokka will put up machines at your disposal including the following: On-call, hotline, service, spare parts, time, materials, beans, cocoa powder, tea, 1 lime filter excl. freeze dried fresh milk, milk, sugar, cleaning tablets etc.

Furthermore, the agreements of operations have an build-in flexibility that makes it possible for you to always have the newest hardware available. Within the whole period of operation they can convert the hardware to new hardware in exchange of reducing / expanding or minimizing / increasing payment depending on the nature of the hardware. This provides great flexibility for the customer.

It means great overview and safety for you when it comes to economy, service and quality.


We wish to make a difference, which is why we have developed a concept of quality that based on what follows: Up to 4 times annually, we will hold a quality meeting with you. How is your equipment, your consultant, the administration, the service, we will go around the house and have a dialogue with the employees etc.

The reason for this is that we want to make a difference and we wish for feedback from our customers. It is the best way we can go about handling a professional partnership.

We have had incredible success and effect holding quality meetings. We welcome new needs, problems, and ongoing analysis. Hereby you will have a business partner who understands and knows your ways of working and therefore is ready to offer the best service.

If desired, we can optionally offer to stand for cleaning and refilling your coffee machines etc.