Just Mokka PRO Display

Do you want to the entire office go WOW? Then our unique exclusive handmade Just Mokka PRO display is your solution!

Just Mokka PRO Display is an exclusive coffee solution for our customers. Every display is design in cooperation with our customers. It has been made with the idea in mind that it should be inviting, cozy, stylish in design and visually, contemporary and of course easy to clean. It is made from the delicious material oak that makes it unique, warm and provides an exclusive look. As for the table surface a granite surface will be used which comes together perfectly with.

When you welcome your guest in your office with a Just Mokka PRO Display it tells a story of a company who values quality, exclusiveness, good workmanship and sustainability.

All displays are produce in Denmark. That way we can account for the quality of our displays throughout the process

Our displays is exclusive and has each its unique expression.