GROHE has been regarded as the peers in the industry because of innovations, outstanding design and award winning fittings. By a combination of advanced craftsmanship based on more than 80 years of production in Germany and cutting-edge approach to effective teamwork and processes, Grohe has taken the lead in developing, designing and manufacturing our outstanding product range all the while testing and fine-tuning each piece to ensure continued customer satisfaction. The result: Timeless design. And quality that lasts a life-time. When you use a GROHE product you can feel the difference. Time after time. One of the latest examples: GROHE Blue® water systems for freshly filtered and chilled table water straight from the faucet and with different degrees of carbonation. GROHE’s faucets feature exciting functions suited to all your needs and the design of the faucet fits perfectly into your kitchen. Water is the source of living: fresh free-flowing and essential – sourced from our GROHE kitchen faucets, it brings joy and pleasure to you every day.

We are looking forward – together with Just Mokka – to deliver perfect and exclusive water solutions in your office.

Grohe has entered into partnership with Just Mokka to make exclusive water solutions. At GROHE we believe water should be the refreshing, health-giving heart of every kitchen: both home and in the office. That’s why we’ve developed our GROHE Blue® range of water systems, bringing you great taste, convenience and vitality at the turn of the tap. Whether you want filtered, chilled or sparkling water, GROHE Blue has the perfect solution to make drinking water a joyful experience. And this is why we are working together with JUST MOKKA. We imagine drinking water fresh from a mountain spring: Life-affirming, thirst-quenching, and absolutely pure. Now imagine the same health-giving, untainted water flowing directly from your own faucet. The GROHE Blue® water system brought to you by JUST MOKKA makes this a reality in your office. It transforms ordinary tap water and filters it, leaving a taste as fresh and pure as nature intended.


Best Regards
Christian Pedersen
Kitchen Manager Northern Europe Grohe A/S.