You can only get premium quality out if there is premium quality on the inside

The Cafina® XT6 could not have been developed without Melitta’s many customers in the catering industry. Their requirements and suggestions were taken into account and found their way into the specifications of a new generation of automatic coffee machines.

In-depth market analysis was also carried out to establish the requirements of guests. Then a wide variety of innovative developments were required in order to launch a model that would lead the way in its class when it comes to technology and operation.


New milk foam system

Now all you need is the perfect foam. Our brand new milk foam system makes it easy to serve a cappuccino with a hot milk or a cold milk foam in an instant.


No readjustments required

ACS® automatically readjusts the grinding disks throughout their entire lifetime. It adjusts the coarseness of grounds, quantity of powder, pressure, brewing time and water temperature. The quality remains high, the amount of coffee required is low and no service appointments are required for readjustment.


Hard-wearing touchscreen display

A light touch on the coloured, hardwearing TFT touchscreen display is all it takes. The set quantity of coffee beans are ground.