Melitta – and their mission

For us at Melitta the conscious coffee enjoyment we offer with our products is closely connected with our business philosophy of sustainability. This involves a lasting and stable balance between economic, social and ecological interests, to ensure the long-term success of our company and to protect people, animals and the environment.

We are oriented towards the model of a sustainable corporate policy. This aims to meet the needs of the current generation without limiting the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs.

Suitability for everyday use:
We optimise our products in a process of continual development and improvement, to keep CO2 emissions from our products as low as possible. With our products every consumer has the chance to make a contribution to sustainability on a daily basis.

The Target:
All existing Melitta electrical products have undergone a life cycle analysis check. This analysis will be repeated every two years, to ensure that we can measure ourselves against the current technical requirements in the market.

Melitta coffee machine