Client: Esprit

About Esprit?

Esprit Holdings Limited (Chinese: 思捷環球控股有限公司 SEHK330) is a publicly owned manufacturer of clothing, footwear, accessories, jewellery and housewares under the Esprit label. The company is headquartered in Kowloon, Hong Kong, and Ratingen (near Düsseldorf), Germany. In the 2007–2008 business year, Esprit generated a worldwide sales of around €3.25 billion (as of 30 June 2008). Esprit operates more than 900 retail stores worldwide and distributes products to more than 8,500 wholesale locations around the globe. Esprit has more than 1.1 million square meters of retail space in 40 countries.

What were you looking for?
New coffee machine with fresh milk, to a good price

How did Just Mokka help you?
They provided good guidance and service

What was the outcome – and how was your experience with Just Mokka?
we sign an agreement with them because of their good service, coffee and their involvement in fairtrade.

Best regards
Laila Hansen
Account department