Teleperformance-600x600Teleperformance Danmark A/S

Teleperformance Nordic is one of the largest customer service providers in the Nordic countries with over 1500 employees in contact centers across the Nordic region (Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland).

Teleperformance Denmark was established in 1989 under the name Stafet Telemarketing. Teleperformance acquired the Danish branch in 1997, with Teleperformance Denmark since becoming the market leader within the contact center outsourcing industry.

Our services are tailored to individual requirements and needs, and include multi-channel customer service (including social media) and CRM, customer acquisition, back office processing, debt collection, multilingual services and technical support. We cover a breadth of industries from well-known local and global brands.

At Teleperformance Nordic, our goal is to hire the right people through a dynamic recruitment process and then to continually develop their career so that they exhibit a knowledgeable, strong, confident and positive culture.

What were you looking for?
When we started looking for a new hot beverage solution, we had a list of demands, in terms of quality, variation and sustainability, as well as wishes for practical handling of the setup. Furthermore we also wanted a solution that would fit our needs of either up- or downsizing, as we life in a changeable world, as well as also considering the financial aspect.

How did Just Mokka help you?
Just Mokka presented an entirely new concept, which in many ways differed from a lot other possible vendors, both in terms of quality of products (both hardware- and condiment-wise), which from the very start interested us. All through the process, they were very resourceful in listening to our needs, and adapting their concept to fit just those.

What was the outcome – and how was your experience with Just Mokka?
The outcome has ended up being exactly what we could’ve wished for:
Great quality products with a fair cost (without compromising quality), and a feeling that this has been, and will be, more of partnership, rather than just a B2B-sale.

We look forward to a lot of good hot-beverage-experiences, and feel safe in knowing that Just Mokka will support us if needed.

Kind regards/ med venlig hilsen,
Martin Guttorm
HR & Facility Consultant
Teleperformance Nordic