Client – DIF

About DIF
DIF is an organization that has existed for more than 100 years, and over the years there have been more and more sports federations, so DIF family today consists of 61 national federations, over 9,000 sports clubs and more than 1.9 million active members.

What were you looking for?
A new coffee solution, that would be easy to handle in cleaning, with good quality and a good financial aspect.

How did Just Mokka help you?
We got a new solution that no one else had, both with coffee, tea and cocoa, all in an easy to understand package

What was the outcome – and how was your experience with Just Mokka?
Our staff are very pleased with the new solution with really good coffee and delicious tea and cacao. Just Mokka has been extremely professional in the implementation of the new machines. Just Mokka has helped us with all our questions and has always been available.

We are very excited about our new partnership with Just Mokka.

Morten Vennike
Food & Beverage Manager