About Norriq A/S
NORRIQ is an expert in modern business IT solutions. We make your business processes user-friendly and create flow and transparency across your ERP, CRM, e-commerce, intranet and Business Intelligence. In addition, we provide exactly the infrastructure you need to release your company’s potential for increased employee productivity through high uptime and security – whether we are discussing about Public Cloud, Private Cloud or mobility.

We provide 360° skills and consultants who have deep experience in your industry. This ensures that your business achieves value and increased competitiveness with the IT solutions we deliver. And we’re with you all the way when it comes to the needs of your business, from administration to the boardroom, from the warehouse to the store, from the desktop to the mobile device. We help you create solutions that optimize your business insight. We prepare you to act proactively on customer and market needs. And we make your internal and external processes consistent, user-friendly and efficient.

NORRIQ is one of Microsoft’s most important business partners. Our emphasis is on Microsoft Dynamics ERP, but we offer solutions in the entire Microsoft product range.

NORRIQ Group has offices in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, UK, Tunisia and China.

NORRIQ has delivered solutions to more than 10,000 customers in over 40 countries and employs over 350 employees.

Through deep industry knowledge and our 360˚ service concept, NORRIQ delivers powerful, integrated and standardized solutions that and are easy to implement and simplifies our customers’ businesses.

NORRIQ wants to be at the forefront of the business IT revolution. From the back office to the boardroom, from warehouse to storefront, from desktop to mobile device, NORRIQ always strive to find the best way to empower people and businesses to achieve their goals.

What were you looking for?
NORRIQ was looking for a new and better coffee solution for our offices in Aalborg and Brøndby. One that would meet the high expectation that our customers and employees have, and one that could provide a variation of coffee drinks in a professional environment.

How did Just Mokka help you?
Just Mokka provided us with a solution that really stands out. Their Coffee solution consists of a stand that helps us keep Coffee, The, hot Chocolate and water in one place. The look and feel is extraordinary, and supply us with a nice way to meet with our customers when they join us for at meeting.

What was the outcome – and how was your experience with Just Mokka?
Just Mokka helped us in every step of the process – from setting up and designing a special stand for Aalborg, to help replacing the Co2 canisters when they ran out. Just Mokka has been and are very helpful in answering all our questions fast, and the support team even took the time to insert our company Movie in the big Touch screen on the machines, to give the perfect viewing solution and image for our customers.

Med venlig hilsen
Jesper Byrnak 
System Manager