Tune Kursuscenter is located 25 kilometers south of Copenhagen and only 12 kilometers from Roskilde.

​As a conference center we can accommodate up to 105 people in our largest conference room. We can also accommodate overnight stays as we have 70 rooms, including 15 double rooms.

​If you are not a part of a conference group at Tune Kursuscenter and only wish to stay overnight this is a possibility as well. Any room reservation must be done before 4 PM on the day of arrival. Breakfast is available upon request and depending on whether we already have conference guests in the house.

What were you looking for?
I was looking for a solution, that could provide a variation of coffee drinks, serve 50-100 people in the least possible time with a professional touch.

How did Just Mokka help you?
Just Mokka delivered the perfect solution for us. They built a stand, just designed for us, fitted to our surroundings with a very durable machine that gives our customers the possibility of choosing the coffee drink they want. Furthermore they have a choice of cold tapped water with og without carbonic acid.

What was the outcome – and how was your experience with Just Mokka?
We have had a lot of positive response on our solution from our customers and cooperation with Just Mokka works flawless. We only experienced small problems with our machines and they were solved very fast. So only happy faces here.

Lars Dybdal-Nielsen
Tune Kursuscenter