Land of Hope is a charitable organization, founded in 2012.

  • Land of Hope founded May 21, 2014
  • Project: Orphanage (part of ACAEDF) commenced June 1, 2014
  • Land of Hope participating in the DR2 documentary series “Hell’s Heroes(Helvedes Helte)” 2014
  • Land of Hope participating in the DR2 documentary “A Dane saves the world (En dansker redder verden)” in May 2015

Our work
The organization performs an important educational work to break the superstition in Nigeria, which is the reason why many children and young people accused of being witches and the background tortured, expelled, die of their injuries or killed by the local community (read more) . The surviving children try Anja and her team to rescue, after which the children housed at the orphanage in Nigeria. The children receive plenty of care, medical treatment, food / lodging and schooling, which combined to make children strong and independent citizens.

Land of Hope is a voluntary organization, and there is no administrative staff to receive a salary. Therefore, all collections and donations can go straight to the projects. At Land of Hope we work with our hearts as well as our minds, and our primary purpose is to support the world’s poorest children so that they can get a more dignified life.

Just Mokka will donate 10% of its annual report financial result to Land of Hope.

Land of Hopes founder
Anja Ringgren Lovén is the moving spirit behind Land of Hope. She decided to resign as a store manager in 2011 to travel to Africa, where she worked for three months as an observer and relief worker for DanChurchAid (Folkekirkens Nødhjælp). During her stay she experienced poverty and hunger so extreme that she in no way was able to to forget it again. Because of that she decided that she will spend the rest of her life fighting poverty and hunger in Africa and thus help some of the poorest people in the world, to get a better life.

Tanzania, the very first project
On that background, Anja founded Land of Hope in 2012. Her first project was launched in August 2012, when she single-handedly traveled to Tanzania. Before leaving she raised funds, and with the support of friends and family she managed to raise DKK 31,500,- She decided that the money should go to the renovation of a village school as well as to support an orphanage for street children. She was personally able to buy everything from windows to cement paint, door handles and a putty knife.

It is important for Anja to know that every little bit of money collected is used correctly for the benefit of the children. She is helping to ensure this by travelling to Africa herself in connection with Land of Hopes collections, and thus prevent the money from being lost in corruption and make sure that it is being used in the right way.